Sleeping With the Impaler: A Historical Romance About Vlad the Impaler Juliana Cummings Author
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The year is 1457. Prince Vlad Dracul now sits on the throne of Wallachia. Seventeen-year-old Anastasia Holszanska, the bastard daughter to Hungarian war hero, John Hunyadi, finds herself betrothed to the new Prince, at the request of her father. As Anastasia travels to Targoviste Palace, she is filled with trepidation about her marriage, for she has heard unspeakable things about Prince Dracul and the way he deals with his enemies. But Anastasia discovers a side to her new husband that she never dreamed of. Vlad is a fierce and loving man who is determined to protect his kingdom at all costs. Anastasia learns about his traumatic childhood and comes to understand the reasons behind his brutality. She comes to realize the continuous threat to his throne from those who wish to usurp him. Her husband's desperation for a male heir forces Anastasia to understand what it really takes to be a Romanian Princess. She never thought she would fall in love with a man who impales and tortures those who disagree with him. But along with Vlad's thirst for power and cruelty, there lies a profound love that only Anastasia can comprehend.


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