Would You Rather Superheroes & Superpowers Edition: Enter a Hilarious World Full of Funny Questions, Silly Situations and Challenging Choices. Book fo
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STARTING TODAY, YOUR CHILDREN CAN DO WHAT THEY HAVE ALWAYS DREAMED OF !!If you want to turn your children into superheroes, equipped with never before seen superpowers, and have them live exciting adventures then Would Your Rather Superhero & Superpowers TM is the perfect activity book.It's never nice to see our kids spend most of their time in front of the television or playing video games, and yet, more and more children do it. During this phase of their lives they need to move, exercise their creativity, and spend quality time with parents, grandparents, and other relatives.If you are reading this description, it is because you too understand the importance of activity books and wish to keep your little ones entertained in a more natural, healthy, and stimulating way. We at Wiffan Activities TM are keen to congratulate you because not all parents are like this!SO WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS BOOK?Stimulating your child's imagination while they're having fun, transporting your kid to the world of superheroes where they will be the real protagonist of the book. They will be faced with difficult, silly, and embarrassing choices.They will live adventures that only a true superhero would be able to experience, as well as spend quality time with friends, family, or any person willing to share their company.Perfect book for:Car trips, sleepovers, party games, starting amazing conversations with your kids, spending a quality time with family, or as a gift for friends and family.Kids from 4 to 8 years old.Non-stop laughter.Increasing children's problem solving skills.Having hours and hours of guaranteed fun.If you are afraid of getting bored, don't worry ... we have thought of everything! This book has been specially divided into 3 parts in order to avoid the same-old questions that can seem tedious:1. Class would you rather.2. What if? 3. What do you prefer losing? We also added a thought-provoking game of points !! Come find out what it is.Click on BUY NOW and start having fun with the whole family.


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