100% Online Yoga Degrees Book: Proposed Self-paced Online Course Program Govinda Luitel Author
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I am writing this proposal of business model to you for your comment; this model has designed to 100% online yogic science degrees from Yogic High School: YHS, Certificate in Yogic Science: CYS, Diploma in Yogic Science: DYS, Online Certificate in Yogic Science: OCYS, Bachelor Degree in Yogic Science: BYS, Master Degree in Yogic Science: MYS, Master Philosophy Degree in Yogic Science: MPhilYS, and Doctor of Yogic Science: DYS/PhD. So far, I have completed writing proposal, concept, curriculum, and I am still writing amendments and some lesson plans. The Business Analysis: These programs are 100% online, so students from more than 200 countires from around the world can join into classes and study courses from their homes. Professors will also teach from their homes. This business will be conducted from computing online internet. Income Review: The assumption is that hundreds of million students will join into these programs because 100% online degrees are easy ways to study saving their times and improving the yogic wellness. Students will not leave their homes to study these courses. Therefore, the highest numbers of students will generate the tons of income and wealth I believe if perfomed marketing systematically from this business model. Now 4 questions will come in mind that will/can run these programs?1. New Online Yoga University can be opened by the Act of Sovereign Legislature/per lex.2. New Online Yoga College can be opened by the affilication of a university.3. Current university can undertake Online Yogic Sciences to attach into their university.4. Current college can undertake Online Yogic Sciences with affiliating from a university. So, if you are interested with these programs, it needs to invite to investors or interested personality for further discussion to implement this program. Please send your comment about it into my below email. The copyright of this business model is only with Govinda Luitel.


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