It's God Jim, but not as we know her! James Judd Author
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STOP! If you do not wish to have your beliefs challenged, then this book is not for you! Over the last few years, my belief in the existence of God has gone from 0.000000001% to 90% making God's existence now much more likely than not. You will have heard all the tired old arguments in favour of God, the blind watchmaker etc. You will have heard all the arguments against God's existence, as laid out in books such as Richard Dawkins' God Delusion, but here are some very different arguments, in favour of a very different God. This book sets out to prove the existence of a God, but looking for evidence of God in the religious texts is like looking for evidence of evolution in the Just So Stories! We will only ever make sense of our world through science. The various versions of God all seem highly improbable to me, but there are also many inconsistencies in the Darwin alternative. My version of God is sentient, monitoring and influencing many aspects of our lives. If this is so, this would answer many questions... Why the stop-start evolution we see in living things and the fossil records? Why are we pre-programmed to die? Why do all animals have a set life span? Why has natural selection predominantly selected 1 male : 1 female instead of a far more productive 1 : 10? Why were more boys born after so many men died in the 1st and 2nd world wars? When some insects have a 1 year life cycle and bacteria have a 20 minute life cycle why don't the bacteria evolve resistance 26,280 times faster? Why has Paramecium remained unchanged for a billion years? With only 50% of the cells in your body being human are you an individual or a colony? Why are we losing good biological advantages like hearing and smell? Why has male fertility halved in the last 30 years? Why do super lethal pandemics suddenly stop killing? Why is life span so different for different animals? Why do animals reproduce sexually? Why? Why? Why?...


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