2020 TRUMP EXISTENTIAL: Trump Card Series Book 9 W Lawrence Lipton Author
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Book Nine in the Trump Card Series deals with aspects of the events leading into the November 2020 election that will determine the fate of America.As readers will note, this work was published 31 July 2020; in September, the campaign was heating up and Chapter 13 took on relevance to those who want the facts about the Covid-19 spread and Trump's response -- a response the Swamp Denizens had begun to lie about and misrepresent.Beginning on page 153, COVID-19 & GEORGE FLOYD TIMELINE, you are given the documented sequence of events that began on 17 November 2019 ... you see who said what and when ... including what WHO had said and how Biden opposed the very actions that he and his people began accusing Trump of not taking or taking too late. In September 2020, Governor Cuomo even accused Trump of being the cause of the virus deaths -- deaths the NYS leadership caused by housing the sick among the aged population that was most susceptible to Covid-19.


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