IT'S ALREADY STARTED and IT'S INEVITABLE: The Artificial Man, Solomon's Temple, Sky Chariots and Brain Chips. This is only the beginning of the end ti
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Imagine the future, foretold from the past, Solomon's third Temple, Artificial Intelligence - AI Talking Idols - Super Quantum Computers, computer to brain chips, cryptocurrency, and a mandated World ID. These things mark the entrance to the Biblical destructive time called Tribulation. _________________________________________________________ The Bible wasn't done over 2000 years ago, all this time has passed but the Bible remains true. Only now world events and modern technology begin fulfilling the last of scripture. In this book you will find prophecies already fulfilled and prophecies of a coming new world order describing events needing futuristic technology only now coming into existence to fulfill the last chapter of the Bible-- Revelation leading to the time of Tribulation. Like it or not the events of today are occurring as described and will continue until completion. Take nothing for granted, read this book and compare it to current scientific research, online articles and world political and religious events then look at the Bible. My hope is you, the reader takes note and becomes ready for the impending near future and maybe you and your family will not have to go through these horrible events and worse be lost forever. Here you will find all sorts of information you may never have thought the Bible described. UFOs, Quantum computers that can tell the future, teleportation, brain to the cloud connections and so many other mysterious descriptions. The point is this, all of these things in technology, in government, in religious events and even our satellite weapons able to destroy targets via laser or microwave beams are described in the Bible. The described world technology and events are only now catching up to the Bible, thus it must be true. If the Bible is true then there is only one goal and that is to lead anyone seeing these things as true to one conclusion - Jesus is God. Look inside and see what you think.


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