Dean Martin: A Biography of the Legendary Actor, Singer, and Comedian Andrew Cooper Author
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Experience the Illustrious and Adventurous Life of the Most Easy Going and Coolest Man that America Ever Knew, and Find Out What it Took to Become Dean MartinIt is unlikely if the world has ever seen anyone more relaxed and laidback as Dean Martin. He was everyone's favorite man and an astonishingly talented show business professional. Whether you listened to him sing Let it Snow or watched Rio Bravo, he had you. Every woman loved him, and every man wanted to be like him.There was a genuineness about him that exuded an old European charm. Dropping out of high school, working odd jobs, and finally being discovered as a rising star, Dean Martin rose to legendary heights. What probably most accentuated his entertainment career was co-starring with Jerry Lewis in many films.He had an enigmatic personality. Although he rose to uncharted heights as a singer and an actor, he was estranged from his wife and their four children. This book uncovers the fascinating life of Dean Martin in a unique way.Here's a preview of what you'll discover in this book ...His childhood, education and early daysThe singer as a struggling young manHis rise to become the most loved singerHis long and successful acting streak with Jerry LewisPlaying in the big league with top actorsSettling down later in life and genesis of the Dean Martin ShowA happy ending..... And much more!Dean Martin was exceptional in everything he did. In retrospect, it seems that he had a knack for excelling at everything he did, despite the difficulties in his path. He was an ordinary man who achieved the extraordinary. This is his story. What he lost, what he won, the sacrifices he made, and how he became the Dean Martin we know and so dearly love. You will find everything told beautifully in this fantastic book.So, scroll up and click the Buy now with 1-click button and get your copy!


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