Survival Foods to Stockpile: Complete Method to Build Your Stockpile Correctly so you can Maintain Your Health and Enjoy Delicious Meals for Months Wi
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No Nonsense Guide to Stockpiling the Right Food and Surviving Without the Grocery StoreKnow what you and your family need to survive! Don't Leave Your Stockpile to Chance - Get the Guide You Need to Stockpile Scientifically Proven Survival FoodsLearn how to store all the food your family will need to enjoy healthy, nutritious and tasty meals for months without the grocery store. With this guide you will be armed with the fundamental knowledge you need to know to survive. You'll also learn how to avoid making common mistakes that could be the weak link in your survival chain!Here is a preview of what you will learn in this guide:Chapter 1: Must-Have Stockpile FoodsMust-have foods for both the short-term and long-termHow big should my stockpile be? Chapter 2: Buying and Storing Your StockpileBudgeting and savingWhere to shop for foodStoring waterStoring canned foodStoring dry foodStoring fresh food (for short-term) Where should you put items? Chapter 3: Keeping An Organized StockpileOrganizing your food supplyKeeping track of your stockpileTracking the package datesWhat if I don't know how to use spreadsheets? Can't I just use a notebook? Rotating your survival food stockpile: why and howChapter 4: Food PreservationWhy you should preserve your own foodTypes of food preservationChapter 5: Water and Food SafetyWater: How it can be harmfulTreating water with bleachTreating water with treatment pillsUsing water filters for purificationFood safety: how do I know when food is spoiled? Food prep safetyChapter 6: Eating Healthy In A CrisisHow is healthy eating defined? Shelf life of supplementsEating well during a crisisChapter 7: Alternative Cooking MethodsCooking methods to considerBeing safe in the kitchenHow to treat a burnAnd So Much More! Even if you have never prepped for an emergency before, with this guide in your hands you will be able to assemble a scientifically proven survival stockpile so you and your family will be ready for anything. You don't need regular trips to the grocery store when you grab this guide now!


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