How Unicorn Are You?: The Book Of The Drinking Game From The Classic Podcast The Frank the Unicorn Radio Program Fritz Schaper Author
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The rules of the game are simpleIn each round of the game a single player acts as the unicorn by reading a question and associated multiple choice answers out loud to the other playersEach player then selects their answer and, if they decide to do so can provide additional detail as to why they have made the selectionThe Unicorn then declares the correct answer to the question and all players who did not answer correctly take a drinkAll players who did answer correctly also take a drinkPlayers may also substitute their own answers to the questions they choose - however in order to do so they are required to take a drink prior to providing their answer, as well as taking a drink after all players have answered the question in accordance with the rules outlined aboveUpon completion of the question the book is passed to the player on the unicorns leftIf a unicorn fact is read all players are required to drinkNo one puts baby in the corner*bonus Squanto jokes included


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