The Central Park Statues Speak Vol I: The Literary Walk; 5th Ave - 67th to 72nd; East Drive - 72nd to 84th George J. Robinson Ph.D. Author
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On average 35 million people visit Central Park each year. Many pass by the statues, plaques and benches and wonder who those people were. They read the plaques, but there is more to their stories than just what the inscriptions report. I wrote this historical series, The Central Park Statues Speak, so that readers could learn the compelling life stories of these honorees. Like Alexa or Siri or a historical re-enactor, the statues recall their contributions to society lest we forget. In Volume I, four high school students converse with and confront AI and IT enabled Central Park monuments about their past. The students ask Columbus why he has red paint on his hands. The Pilgrim Father explains how his group survived when the settlers at Roanoke perished. Hans Christian Andersen reveals who the Ugly Duckling was based on. A debate arises over whether Alice is a real person or a fictional character. If the obelisk isn't Cleopatra's, then who does it belong to. And at the end of the tour the young researchers question Hamilton as to why he didn't become president. In this 3-volume series, a total of 31 statues, five benches, three plaques, two tree markers, two fountains, one stone mosaic, and one obelisk are interviewed by the co-ed researchers. Enjoy reading or listening to their stories.


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