How to Create a Fantastic Retirement: This is not about Finances! Relax, Enjoy and Love the Results Robin Leist Author
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Ever wonder what to do about retirement? If it's close at hand or years down the road, or even if you've already retired, this book is full of ideas to help you out. Here you will find 17 great suggestions for researching your ideal retirement spot, along with 25 states you might want to avoid. You'll also find important questions for conversations you might need to have now or later with your parents or your kids. Things to think about. This book is about people, ideas and actions. Stay well, stay balanced and make smart choices.The results are amazing. Look somewhere else for legal and financial advice because you won't find that in this book. Here you will find action steps, conversation ideas and delightful ways to experiment. Test the waters and create your very own plan. Enjoy the process!When my husband and I started down this road, we didn't know what we wanted. We knew what we DIDN'T want. We didn't want to stay in Denver. City life no longer appealed.By trial and error and solid results, we finally created a plan and bought a piece of land. We knew we were on the right path when my husband got a nice job in the area. A year later, I got a job that entranced and engaged me for the next 17 years. We had time to build our house, learn all about the area, make friends, and discover which of our plans had worked and which needed tweaking. We were blessed to spent time with three of our parents in their last days. We planted trees that are now 30 feet tall. Now, twenty three years later, we can sit on the front porch in a rain storm, watch and listen to the hummingbirds. We can watch the dogs play. The plan we followed gave us room to grow, change, ease into retirement and spend precious time with the people we love.Life is uncertain, now more than ever. LIve it with thoughtfulness, joy and love.


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