The Final Year: 365 micro poems to keep you motivated throughout the year Ruchika Pahwa Author
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'A Sip of Motivation' was the first book in the General Motivation series that focused on the daily inspiration one requires to address some visible issues in life and to move on more confidently. While it made the readers believe in self, this second book, 'The Final Year,' focuses on those not-so-visible aspects of one's life and soul that need extra care. Remember that it is not just important to be motivated but also to stay motivated until you start working on your deeper soul issues, which will be a part of book 3, 'Are YOU Complete,' the final part of this series.The idea of this book is to make you work on a single thought every day so you may become self-motivated at the end of The Final Year. That's why the book contains 365 short poems, one for each day. Once you develop intrinsic motivation, you will not need an external source of motivation to maintain it, and you will be ready to proceed on your journey of self-love with the series' last book.So, simply connect to the inspiring universal energies to drive yourself on a positive road. Grab your cup of coffee and enjoy your journey to be recharged, away from your stress, anxiety or depression. You, the human, have the power to overcome any negativity of mind, body and soul, which stops you from achieving your ultimate life goal. Get going...!


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