Keto Vegetarian Cookbook: Easy low-carb ketogenic recipes for weight loss and burning fat, eating healthy fats and vegetable proteins. The plant-based
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Do you want to lose weight while enjoing delicious healthy food?If you want to look amazing and being in a perfect health at the same time, then keep reading... Many studies have shown that a keto-vegetarian diet provides benefits. These benefits include lowering the risk of heart disease, greater mental health, improved vision, better stomach and gut health, and improved sleep. With this diet at a certain moment the body will safely achieve ketosis, the state of ketosis will promote a reduction of weight because it will naturally suppress the hormones that let you know that you are hungry, so your appetite will decrease. When following a keto vegetarian meal plan, it is necessary to put your focus on natural whole foods. These foods will help you get all the nutrients you need every day and will also provide plenty of low carb options that you will digest slowly and keep you feeling fuller longer. This will also help you to maintain higher energy levels throughout the day. This book covers the following topics :- Breakfast recipes- Lunch recipes- Dinner recipes- Snacks - Side Dish Recipes- Dessets .... AND MORE!!!What are you waiting for? Don't wait anymore, press the buy botton and get started!


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