How Kylie Jenner Became The World's Youngest Billionaire, Why Kylie Jenner Is So Profoundly Successful, Why The Kardashian Sisters Are Marketing Geniu
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This essay sheds light how Kylie Jenner became the world's youngest billionaire, reveals why Kylie Jenner is so profoundly successful, and elucidates why the Kardashian sisters are marketing geniuses. Moreover, why corporations will never pay a livable wage to employees, why human employees are extinct and why humans have become horses in the age of automation and why employee jobs are so agonizingly dreadful and lead to wage slavery and extreme poverty is demystified in this essay. Furthermore, how to generate extreme wealth online via social media platforms by profusely creating lucrative income generating assets is delineated and the utmost best income generating assets to profusely create for generating extreme wealth are identified. Additionally, how to become an Extraordinarily successful influencer online on social media platforms in the digital era, the host of benefits of becoming a successful influencer and attaining extreme fame leverage, and how to earn substantial money online so that you can take control of your work life, afford to become an influencer, and profoundly enrich every facet of your life is meticulously expounded upon in this essay. It is no surprise that in the digital era, the world renowned influencer and illustrious celebrity, Kylie Jenner, has officially become the world's young billionaire. Kylie Jenner profusely understands that attention is the highly sought after currency of the digital era that is constantly being arbitraged by brands. Kylie Jenner is an expert at parlaying her extreme fame leverage into eliciting opportunities to generate extreme wealth. In other words, she has competently and prolifically capitalized on leveraging her extreme fame leverage to grow her eminently lucrative income generating brands to unprecedented height of wealth and brand growth. When growing a brand, you ideally want your brand's social media accounts to become the preferred social media channels for your niche content genre. By building your brand equity, brand recognition, brand loyalty, and your subscriber base on your social media channels, you will eventually be able to charge any exorbitant fee you see fit for single product placement on one of your brand's popular social media accounts to an advertiser, such as by charging $1,000,000 to an advertiser for a single product placement in the form of an Instagram photo just like Kylie Jenner does. Companies that have enormous annual marketing budgets in the multibillion dollar range can vindicate paying $1,000,000 to procure a single product placement if the influencer's social media accounts have enough followers apart of the advertiser's target market. In the digital era in which jobs for employees no longer pay a sustenance wage for affording house, it is all the reason why it is all the more incumbent than ever before to attain extreme fame leverage online so that you can draw forth extreme wealth online to preempt living a life fraught with wage slavery and chronic poverty. Attaining extreme fame leverage online results in your social media becoming some of the utmost preferred and popular channels for your niche content genre. The salutary benefits and lasting power of growing a robust brand is often underestimated even though it can culminate in rendering someone with extreme fame leverage a billionaire. Individuals with extreme fame leverage, even those who are not reputed as leading industry experts and lack hard skills, are able to generate more revenue in a single hour than the average person will earn working throughout the entirety of their life. For instance, Kylie Jenner commands $1,000,000 per Instagram post, with Gomez in second at $800,000 per post (Vanderberg, 2018). The salient importance of building a personalized brand to establish yourself as a leading industry expert or influencer influencer and draw forth a lucrative following on social media platforms is often overlooked over working a traditional, dead-end, dispiritin


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