Top Hacks For How To Easily Get Through A Nursing Degree Program, Why Earning A Nursing Degree Does Not Warrant The Opportunity Cost, And How To Earn
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This essay sheds light on the top hacks for how to easily get through a nursing degree program and also elucidates why earning a nursing degree does not warrant the opportunity cost. Moreover, how to earn substantial money online without being a nurse is delineated in this essay. Earning a nursing degree in the digital era is easier than anytime in history. An exorbitant amount of hacks can be leveraged so that you can attain a nursing degree, such as an BSN or MSN, from an accredited university in an expeditious manner with minimal work on your, such as by earning course credits through passing DSST nor CLEP exams. Prospective nursing students should consider taking DSST and CLEP exams. These examinations are multiple choice and can be completed in less than a couple hours per exam. The DSST and CLEP exams cover a host of subject areas and there are no ramifications against your GPA if you were to not pass any of these examinations. The DSST and CLEP exams costs roughly $85 to take per exam (Sienkiewicz, 2019) which is less than 1/10th of the tuition cost of taking a college course. These examinations can allow you to attain 3 college credits per exam passed. You can also keep retaking these DSST and CLEP exams until you pass them. There are 33 CLEP exams and 37 DSST exams available for students (Sienkiewicz, 2019). By passing these exams, students can earn college credits without taking the various college course. These CLEP and DSST exams cover a broad range of subject areas, such as business, science, history, technology, economics, literature, mathematics, and humanities. This means that students who pass a copious amount of CLEP and DSST examinations can earn a exorbitant amount of college credits in a very short period of time and even finish a 4 year nursing school program in half the time or less, 2-3 years instead of close to half a decade.The idea behind CLEP and DSST exams is that students who already have extensive knowledge in a subject do not have to waste time re-learning material. So, choosing a subject or subjects that you are already familiar with will allow you to simply review the material and therefore prove to a college that you are already proficient in it and taking the class is not necessary (Sienkiewicz, 2019). Additionally, prospective nursing students can make headway towards earning their undergraduate degree early by taking community college courses amid their teenage years and advanced placement (AP) courses as high school students. AP tests are scored on a scale from 1-5. If your college offers AP credit, a score of a 4 or higher could allow you to earn 3 college credits per AP test passed without paying college tuition. Some students are able to skip the entire first year of college this way, thus cutting the entire cost of their college education by one quarter (Franek, n.d.). In addition to take advance placement courses in high school, prospective college students also have the option to enroll in community college courses to earn additional college credits. High school students taking community college courses will not only be able to earn their degrees sooner than their peers, but will also have a much better sense of what a community college course entails since they will have amassed first-hand experience taking college courses before even fully enrolling in an undergraduate degree program. In order to finish a nursing school degree program in an expeditious manner, nursing students can take online nursing school courses, on-ground nursing school courses at night, weekend nursing school courses, and can even complete nursing school courses amid the summer semesters so that they can finish at least a year ahead of their peers by maximizing their course load. They can also seek permission from the dean of their nursing school in order to enroll in more nursing courses than is typically permitted as the maximum credit hour load.


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