9th Emotional Trainwreck Commentary: : (9th Yahoo Reactions Book) Ashley A Lenartson Author
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Man arrested at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey after weapons found in carCan anybody be glad (if this is TRUE and not a FALSE FLAG OPERATION AGAIN) that the Police arrested this guy? Maybe he was planning on doing something. They actually did their job for once because he was harassing employees. Can we be grateful for THAT??? I don't think so...all too often, the Police know somebody is dangerous and will do something bad but they pass it off and then a tragedy of insurmountable proportions happens...be glad nothing happened and somebody got arrested: that's simply too many weapons for one person to have in their car or truck. Get a clue, buy a vowel.Police Foil a 3,000-Person Hide-and-Seek Game at an IKEADoes anybody want to play hide the salami??? How about 3000 people??? The Police can play Hide The Nightstick. I'm sure that everybody will leave a Happy Camper.Brad Pitt opens about going to Alcoholics Anonymous after Angelina Jolie split: 'I removed my drinking privileges'Maybe she drove him to drink and get worse: sometimes a beautiful woman can be a man's worst nightmare...Sometimes, people and situations drive me to want to drink even though I don't have drinking problems and don't drink like I used to. It's people and your past that catches up with you and drives you to 'Escape From Reality'. Now, if you could surround yourself with great people maybe you wouldn't need to drink or do drugs, whatever the drug of choice is.


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