13th Emotional Reactions Book: : Reactions/Commentary Based on Yahoo! Articles that were incorrectly written Ashley A Lenartson Author
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These Companies Are Hiring Brad's Wife After Cracker Barrel Fired HerI got fired from the Jan Mee Asian restaurant here in Portland, Maine for saying to some customers who left me a $2.00 tip on $65.00 and expected me to split the ticket but didn't tell me until I presented the bill to them...They didn't like me...I gave the $2 tip back to them. I told them the $2 wasn't worth the wait and the woman said, You weren't worth the wait. They left. I should have said nothing after that. They walked to their vehicle and I opened the door and said, And don't ever come to this restaurant ever again! The owner got a call from upset customers. He fired me as he thought he was going to get sued. No such thing. He could have reprimanded me not to do something like that again as I was a good employee and I rarely screwed up. In Maine You don't need a reason to let someone go...you just let them go. What a crock of ship! Who cares why Brad's wife got fired. She just did. Who knows why she got fired. It's none of anybody's business...maybe they just got tired of looking at her face. You just never know when or why somebody IS going to fire you...you just never know...I don't know what the laws in that state are but you don't need a reason to let somebody go in Maine...I wonder though, I really do wonder. Isn't THAT FUNNY how people get so upset over somebody who has worked at Cracker Barrel for 11 years in Indiana and gets FIRED and everybody wants to know 1. Why & 2. What caused it...there may be no reason whatsoever...they just wanted to let her go...what has come of people??? Will somebody set up a Go Fund Me Page so I can make some money because I got fired for a lousy reason from The Jan Mee Restaurant...I doubt it...Georgia Legislator, Arrested At Work, Says She Was 'Singled Out As A Black Female Senator'The Police will use any excuse to arrest people these days and of course, black people are treated differently than white people as she got arrested and the white Senator didn't: it's a crazy racist world we live in: if you are black you might get shot and killed and that gets reported in the media but not that more white people are killed by cops than black people [a study was done about this and the paper can be found online if you search for it]: of course that doesn't get reported: the media wants to ensure that white and black people fight with each other so they put out stories favoring violence against the black community to make racial tensions get even higher. The reason I don't vote: I know that President Trump's Victory was decided a year in advance by The Illuminati. The whole system is designed to keep certain people in office or to win a seat when it's been proven the other party has more votes that doesn't get in: so how does one get in then? Fraud & they are installed like a Dictator is. Why vote when the system is rigged against certain Politicians and the challenger doesn't have enough voter support to even get elected??? The System is rigged: I'd rather not vote and don't care if I throw away my voting rights away as this country has been like this since the early 1900's when the Feds installed their own money regime and that's what caused the Great Depression as far as the printing of too much money to flood the system and destabilize it goes: don't believe me: do some research thru Google or your own search engine: you will be amazed at how shafty and crafty the Illuminati really are...the whole world is leveraged against the American Dollar and many countries have broken away and started their own monetary systems which are not leveraged against the American Dollar. You can do a search online and find out that what I say is true. Then you can also read https://toolsforfreedom.com to get the correct stories about why the whole system is fuct up...I can't make up this stuff...Kim Kardashian and Kanye West criticized for hiring private team to save home:


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