Preliminaries to Couple Dialogue: Some fundamentals to carry out a scientific introduction Enzo Vespo Author
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Book AbstractThe book concentrates some essential notions, psychological and Freudian references to compose a cultural base, preparatory to approach the course of Amorous Speech Exercises. These notions allow you to immediately enter into the subject and create a suitable atmosphere for starting . The booklet constitutes a consolidated Weltanshaung to revive the effectiveness of those exercitations. The first Volume of Amorous Speech Exercises ( in course of publication on KDP Amazon), resulted in a voluminous text, that we did not want to weigh down with the addition of a further appendix. Moreover, in that event the student audience was sufficiently improved on Applied Psychology. While this booklet, collected from various TV disseminated sources, will be useful also in further publications. The book is divided into about ten topics of major frequency. They concern: the charm of a meeting, the mystery of the desire; the loyalty, the betrayal; the theme of violence, the breaking off an engagement and finally, the success. An extensive ending bibliography can direct those who are willing in studying the various topics in greater depth.


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