The Tao of Manifesting: Power-Up Your Intentions To Manifest Instantly And Get What You Want Using The Law Of Attraction Ingrid Morgan Author
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Many law of attraction 'hacks' promise to help you manifest a miracle. Of course, this is far easier said than done.The law of attraction relies on the simple premise that we attract to us the circumstances, people and material objects that match our predominant mode of thought. So, if we are constantly thinking positive, loving and abundant thoughts, we get back a reality that mirrors this belief. Preventing low self-worth from creeping into our thoughts, and ridding ourselves of limiting beliefs about what is possible for us can be a hard habit to break. The resistance we encounter when trying to practice the law of attraction can cause many people to simply give up on the process altogether.Practicing the law of attraction doesn't have to be difficult, and the challenges that arise from trying to change your pattern of thought can be overcome. Reiki, Nei Gong and the law of attraction are concerned with cultivating, maintaining, and harnessing positive energy. The law of attraction focuses on keeping your thoughts, (which are energy) positive and solution-oriented. To attract what you want, you need to be at the same vibration of what it is you are trying to attract, as 'like attracts like'.This book focuses on a law of attraction 'hack' that uses creative visualization coupled with the energetic practices of Reiki and Nei Gong to help overcome some of the blockages that prevent the law of attraction from working. This is an easy method for using the law of attraction to get what you want- a fun, simple, and fast technique that you can use if you've found yourself 'stuck' or unsuccessful with your manifestation process in the past. By using Nei Gong and Reiki we charge ourselves up for near instant manifestation. By doing so you can manifest abundance and get what you want.


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