Elephant Coloring Book for Kids: The ultimate Relaxing Colouring Book For Girls 2020 (Cute, Animal, Elephant, Kids & toddlers activity Book Ages 2-4,
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Colouring in has an important place in child development and can easily be incorporated into a child's day. It provides an opportunity to practice and develop many skills such as concentration, fine motor and coordination for early writing skills and correct finger grip. It also gives the experience of creativity, colour awareness and developing a sense of achievement. All these learning benefits from the simple act of colouring in. This children's coloring book is full of beautiful Elephants that plays and do amazing things. Both kids and adults loves Elephants and this book it's a perfect gift for ages below 12 but also for adults that like coloring, even for stress relief.What's inside the book:High Quality Drawings on white single sided pageBack page is full black to not let the color go throughoutEach Elephant have a Name thus kids could feel more empathyEach Elephant is delimited by a line to give kids a space to work in8,5''X11'' (A4 size) for good space to coloring inThe 9 benefits that children will get from coloring:1. Improves Motor SkillsThe act of coloring can help to improve motor skills in young children. The actions, motions and precise grip involved in coloring can aid in the development of the muscles of the fingers, hands and wrist. 2. Prepares Them for SchoolChildren's education takes place in a classroom with a fair amount of structure. Lessons are issued on paper via assignments, tests and other written course work. 3. Stimulates CreativityWhether they stay in the lines or not, coloring fosters a creative spirit and an appreciation for visual differences. Coloring can stoke the imagination and inspire kids to brainstorm and learn to think of new ideas on their own naturally.4. Contributes to Better HandwritingDexterity, hand strength and attention to detail are all required to write both printed letters and cursive script. Starting out with coloring pages early can help to develop these qualities so that writing comes more easily and naturally.5. Color Awareness, Recognition and DiscernmentThe names and hues of colors must be learned, and coloring on coloring pages fosters practice and awareness of primary and common colors as well as more nuanced color awareness of lesser-known, more subtle colors in a direct hands-on manner.6. Improved Focus and Hand to Eye CoordinationThe act of holding crayons, choosing colors, implementing the color in the ideal spot and even sharpening crayons can all help with cultivating strong hand-eye coordination in youngsters.7. Boundaries, Structure and Spatial AwarenessAdhering to boundaries is an important part of juvenile and adolescent development. Even if he or she becomes a renegade artist later in life, it benefits all children to start out knowing the rules before breaking away. Coloring sheets can help with anchoring a sense of structure and the need and benefit of having boundaries. 8. Self-ExpressionColoring is a fertile vehicle for self expression as children make color decisions and flesh out the boundaries of a coloring page, sheet or book.9. Therapy and Stress ReliefColoring is also calming and therapeutic for kids, especially if they have no other outlet for unpleasant or confusing emotions. Even kids who fall into the normal range of emotional health can benefit from processing their feelings, frustrations and emotions though the simple but profound act of coloring.Get your kids started with coloring as early as possible, and you'll contribute to a lifetime of positive benefits.


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