Pink Moon Rising: The Witches of Enumclaw Book One K.A. Miltimore Author
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DANGER AND REVENGE ARE POTENT INGREDIENTS IN A SPELL THAT JUST MIGHT END HER COVEN FOR GOOD. Helen Griffith and her fellow witches in the Sisters of the Crescent Moon coven, are hosting the annual Eve of May Festival in nearby Ravensdale. It is a great honor for the little group. But weeks before the big event, one of their own is stricken with a mysterious illness. Could she be cursed? What witch would risk such a thing? Banishment or worse awaits anyone who would dare to curse a fellow witch. In their search for answers, Helen and the coven seek out a banished recluse, the High Witch of the Pacific Northwest, and, as a last resort, they'll even infiltrate another coven to discover the truth. The Sisters and their familiars will find trouble during the rise of the Pink Moon when someone is determined to keep her secrets buried - whatever the cost. From the world of the Gingerbread Hag Bakery, a new series: Pink Moon Rising - Book One of The Witches of Enumclaw. Perfect for fans of Witch Lit and Urban Fantasy, get ready because the witches are coming.


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