The Many Lives of a Reluctant Spirit Guide: as told by White Feather, an Apache warrior Garrett Lowry Author
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Ligai T'aa' (White Feather), a 16th century Apache warrior, relates the fascinating story of his courageous and impassioned life in the raw and rugged land that is now known as Arizona. From his intense training as a young warrior, his early encounter with Coronado during his search for the seven cities of gold, his spiritual vision quests, his marriage to beautiful Sonsee-array (Morning Star), his many fierce battles and counting coup, his unexpected elevation to tribal chief, to his confrontation with the legendary giant grizzly, this suspenseful tale captures and engages the reader. After his untimely death, White Feather is assigned the unforeseen earthly role of 'Spirit Guide'. As such, he is reluctantly entrusted with the life of a charming, little girl in Brazil, a noble knight in France, an old west gunslinger, a young, dedicated partisan in war-torn Italy, and a black slave in the racist south, among many, many others. 'Spirit Guide' was certainly not White Feather's first choice of heavenly duties; he would prefer some other less-strenuous and challenging position. He assumed his chores with dedication, however, and directs his human charges with the same love, peace, compassion and respect that defined his life. Whether you have a strong connection or don't even know your guide's name, this book will delight you. White Feather's lives are adventurous, challenging, inspirational and rewarding. Throughout the book, this 'light-being' attempts to pass on the knowledge, wisdom, experience, advice, direction, and support that will make your time on this earthly plane easier and more joyful.


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