FOREX TRADING FOR BEGINNERS: Simple Secret Strategies, Psychology Trick and Tips for Investing in Short- and Long- Term Currency Exchange. Earning a L
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You're interested in the stock market, but don't know where to start?You're looking for specific techniques and tools that can help you achieve real results?You're finally ready to start building your own wealth?Then keep on reading, this book is for you!The secret to success in Forex Trading is to be hungry for information and knowledge. - Paul Tudor JonesTrading success is available for you to take. Will you put in the work required to both achieve it and keep it? A lot of traders find that making money in the market is possible, but keeping that money is an entirely different ballgame. Keeping your money requires discipline and patience.The main role of the Forex market is to set exchange values between currencies. So, as we've alluded to earlier, the market would set the value of Euros against the Great British Pound, or against the U.S. Dollar, to use two examples. If a currency is a free-float currency, which is what most of them are, then the values of currency with respect to other currencies is determined solely by market forces - supply and demand. Some currencies are known as fixed float currencies. The two main examples are the Chinese Yuan and the Indian Rupee. A fixed float currency is one that has its value pegged to some specific value, usually another currency like the U.S. Dollar.The markets are highly liquid-that is, you can trade all the time and quickly convert your investment into cash. The Forex markets have grown incomprehensibly large, reaching a daily trading volume of more than $5 trillion by the end of 2016. This is much larger than the trading volume on any stock market, which ranges around $200 billion per day.Since Forex trading is over-the-counter, it is lightly regulated as opposed to stock market investing. This can be beneficial to traders, as it can make it easier to trade, and you can use high amounts of leverage (but remember that leverage can work for or against you).This book is a comprehensive guide on:How to Start Forex TradingForex trading pros and consOpening a brokerage accountCurrency pairs and pipsFundamental and technical analysisTools, indicators, and patterns of tradingWhat are the most popular forex trading styles and strategies?A new species of currencyHow to develop a winning routineManage your emotions with trading psychologyRisk management & trading planCommon mistakes and tips for beginners in forex tradingIt discusses the basics of Forex Trading, the essential information you need as a beginner, the most popular and workable strategies that successful traders have always used, and the daily tips you can leverage for success.Further, it offers insight on the appropriate amount of risk that you, as a Forex Trader, should take depending on your experience, knowledge. The common mistakes that the average or losing traders commit are explored throughout to help you omit them and prevent you from becoming part of the 89% of traders who lose in the game. It also shows you the kind of mentality to avoid while Forex Trading and the one you should embrace for your benefit instead. Finally, it shows you why Forex Trading is the best form of trading for someone who wants to make it a career rather than an investment on the side.Now, scroll up and click on the BUY NOW button!


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