AWS: Amazon Web Services, the Ultimate Guide for Beginners to Advanced Maverick Koston Author
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Upgrade Your Business and Become an Expert on Amazon Web Services! Do you want your company to be as profitable as Netflix, Spotify, and Ubisoft? You've heard about Amazon Web Services (AWS) but don't know how to implement it in your business? If you haven't heard about AWS, it's time to get familiar with it! AWS took the IT world by storm and is a leading trend in the cloud-computing sector. It's not a coincidence that a highly successful Netflix has moved all of its IT operations on AWS. Simply stated, AWS is the best option for any business - you get better performance and security for less money! This comprehensive guide on AWS will show you how to transform your company by using the AWS tools and strategies. Unlike many similar instruction manuals and guides, you won't find this book to be too technical and hard to understand. Here's just a fragment of what you get with this book: A complete guide on cloud computing and its advantagesInstruction on the types and the cloud computing deploymentA comprehensive introduction to AWS and possible usesA guide on the AWS Framework and designInstructions on how to start with AWSHow to utilize AWS for machine learning and AI projectsA guide on AWS Certifications to upgrade your skills furtherAdditional facts, tips and tricks on Amazon and AWSAnd much more! The best part of AWS is that you don't have to have an IT industry degree, to implement it in your business. All you need is a great coach, and you'll find an excellent one in this book! No matter if your business is small or big, AWS will make it highly profitable, more secure and recognizable! So, what are you waiting for ?? Scroll up, click on Buy Now with 1-Click, and Get Your Copy Now!


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