Change Your Mind and Change Your Life: A simple guide to improve the quality of your life Lance Von Prum Author
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Everyone has some element of their life that they would like to change, to improve. I've spent decades focusing on changing and improving certain elements of my life with great success and have compiled this book with the desire to help others and written it in a light-hearted and entertaining style that will keep you engaged. Changing the way you think is not difficult. We all do this on a regular basis as we learn new facts and information. Change Your Mind and Change Your Life is a very unique, interesting and humorous look at life, the world around us and how we can better understand our world and make our lives happier, more rewarding and more fulfilling. The book is a very enjoyable read with a unique writing style that paints vivid images in the mind. Many humorous insights into the secret world of our inner mind. Laugh out loud at insights of how our egos often nearly destroy us, all in the name of trying to help. The chapter on death is hilarious, all the while expanding your mind.


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