Máo Zédong Is Everywhere AWU ISAAC OBEN Author
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Máo Zédōng is everywhere said the writer. Are you really sure? Asked the reader. Yes, of course, he is here and there replied the writer.This book introduces readers to a variety of historic Máo Zédōng's pictures and associated words. The associated words and simple sentences used here are mainly oriented towards reading and speaking skills, thereby enriching the reader's vocabulary and history knowledge. At the end, readers will be able to answer the questions: Who is Máo Zédōng, and why is he very significant in China? The variety of pictures and sentences will ease the reader's curiosity whenever and wherever they see a picture or portrait of Máo Zédōng. This is perfect for readers young and old. It will also serve as Children's Beginner Reader and Reading Skills Reference Book.


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