Triumph Over The Dark Of Destiny: A Heart Breaking Story Of Ambarish Who Won: The Shocks That Life Sends Gilma Dausch Author
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Life has always been unpredictable and no one knows what happens next. That's exactly what the author has tried to explain through the book.Our main character gets off his train in the wrong station in the middle of a winter night. It was an abandoned train station, and so, there was no other way to go. He has to reach his home in time. But he can't. He goes into a series of every time, as he gets to interact with certain people incidentally. It was all about the tragedies in his life...his childhood, losing family, meeting his wife, marrying her, giving birth to a baby boy...and then...woefully..losing his son. The tragedy continues with his wife committing suicide while he was in a comma. But when he woke up, just to find his world already collapsed, he was depressed and became mentally ill. The story shows how he dealt with his issues and turned into a normal person with the help of his friends and in-laws.


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