iOS 15: Beginner's User Guide With Best Tips, Tricks And Hidden Features. Ajay Marcus Author
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Hi everyone, Apple has officially come out in a better form with the new iOS 15. The evolution continues better, faster, and powerful with all-new designs, new home screen, new icons, widgets, and a bunch of new refinement and features which you just need to know how it works.There is a new feature like the focus mode that allows you to filter notifications, signal to a friend that you are not available at a certain moment, and hide any distractions without missing what is important to you.You can also use Siri offline now. Siri can do a hand full of things without going to the cloud and without ever needing an internet connection.With the new home kits feature in iOS15 you can now tell Siri to turn off the light in 25 minutes, tell Siri to turn off the air-conditioner when you leave your house after 10minutes. Any of this is now possible, based on timers, count down and all of this works for your devices.Sometimes you don’t want to share your private email address with other people, and this is now possible in this new device. Apple now has a new privacy feature in iOS15 call Hide Your Email,We are going to see how the Health monitor functions in iOS15 as well .How it will shows your fitness progress over time with helpful information to know how well you are taking care of your health.There is also a lot more on the stocks page and your phone is now capable of achieving a life text. What life text does is it can pick up the text in any of your photos, emails, download, and so on and paste it on any page or inside your iPhone apps.With all these amazing changes in the new IOS15. This book is going to work you through and guide beginners on how to use this new Apple series with the best tips and tricks and hidden features you need to know as an expert.Enjoy this new series.


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