Summary of The Intelligent Investor: by Benjamin Graham - The Definitive Book on Value Investing - A Comprehensive Summary Alexander Cooper Author
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Summary of The Intelligent InvestorThe Intelligent Investor is a book written by Benjamin Graham, published back in 1949 by Harper & Brothers. The book itself is widely famous because it offers a different and modern approach on value investing, which Graham started to teach at Columbia Business School in 1928 and which was subsequently refined by David Dodd.This book is also Graham’s first work, which made a significant deviation from stock selection, something that was predominant in Graham’s previous works. In his new book, Graham talks about many interesting and useful things about ‘smart’ investments. Some of them are important allegories that the author uses while trying to describe topics that are connected with ‘smart’ investing, including a lesson on ‘defensive’ and ‘aggressive’ investors, two different types of stock investing systems.One other thing that Graham uses in his book in order to explain what he wants to say is something that the author calls as ‘Mr. Market.’ In his book, Mr. Market is depicted as an obligatory man who will come to the shareholder’s door at each day while trying to buy or sell his shares at different prices. The investors are given with the choice of either agreeing with his price and thus trade with him, or ignore him. Mr. Market will have no problem with this because he will return another day with different prices.Considering the book itself, there were altogether four revisions of the book, with the last revision being published back in 1973. However in the 2003 book version, there were some new ideas and topics to be discussed, such as ‘The Investor and Inflation’, ‘The Defensive Investors and Common Stocks’, and many more.  The Intelligent Investor is an interesting literature for many stockholders, present and future investors, and all other readers who simply want to know how certain things concerning investments and stocks ‘function’.Here is a Preview of What You Will Get:⁃ A Full Book Summary⁃ An Analysis⁃ Fun quizzes⁃ Quiz Answers⁃ EtcGet a copy of this summary and learn about the book.


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