Royalty annuities: How to create automatic annuities by turning your ideas and personal genius into royalty income Stefano Calicchio Author
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Would you like to find out how to turn your ideas into income? Would you like to create income that is not derived from working on an hourly basis? Do you know how to turn your creativity and talent into royalties? This guide is designed to answer questions like these. It is generally believed that earning money from creative work is only available to world-class professionals: brilliant inventors, musicians, artists or writers. Today, on the contrary, there is a real possibility for everyone to create royalty income. Creating income from digital content, art or simply from your ideas is therefore a path that requires knowledge, training and application. But the web has made the opportunity to turn your ideas into money more accessible. This guide takes you by the hand and explains step by step how to generate income from editorial, artistic, photographic, musical content and your ability to generate value for others through intelligence and creativity.


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