Summary and Rebuttal: A Promised Land: Barack Obama Scott Campbell Author
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Warning! This is a summary, intended to rebut A Promised Land, the top-selling non-fiction book in 2020, not to replace it. Obama's time in prep school showed more passion for his jump-shot and partying than studying. We experience his college years under the admitted influence of Marxism, and into Harvard Law and the alleged arrangement to become the President of the Law Review-- which would launch his political career via The NY Times. We sample his rapid rise to the Senate, and then the Presidency, under the tutelage of Chicago's Deep State professionals like David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett. Favored candidates, even incumbents, step aside or hand him their campaign, and dirt leaked from sealed court documents buries his opponents. His path to the Presidency miraculously cleared, he finds the keynote tossed at his feet by John Kerry at the DNC to make him famous. John Kerry’s staff infuses his campaign. John McCain ensures Obama’s success. Obama spends more than all other previous Presidents combined, and harms America in doing so.Obama reveals compromising situations and connections, arousing more suspicion. Brief and interspersed negative comments, clearly marked in Section One, catalyze a full-throttle rebuttal in Section Two. Obama not only left out key facts, like that his family had strong communist ties, or that he governed under the influence of Zbigniew Brzezinski, Iranian Islamist Valerie Jarrett, and Jesse Jackson. Obama, according to Pulitzer-prize-winning author Seymore Hersh, lied about his alleged killing of Osama bin Laden for a boost in the polls. The Rebuttal proves itself to be well-documented and bulletproof. Obama, and his arranged mate and children, proved not to be what they seem.  


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