Black Lives Matter For Children: HOW TO TEACH CHILDREN ABOUT ANTI-RACISM IN A RACIST WORLD Nathan Politti Author
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Black Lives Matter development was esta-blished in 2013.  Still, the recent death of George Floyd in Minneapolis by a police of-ficer and the international protests that fol-lowed have put a renewed focus on orga-nizing and fighting racism worldwide. Thou-sands of people have participated in de-monstrations to end police brutality against blacks and raise awareness of systemic ra-cism in the United Kingdom, the United States, and around the world.Some non-black parents and caregivers may not feel enough to talk to their youngsters about bigotry, and the Black Lives Matter development, maybe because they don't feel taught enough about the subject itself.Many children have likely noticed the in-creasing prevalence of the Black Lives Matter movement in the media, whether they have seen the headlines on the news or if their parents have told them about the injustices that black people experience daily.The loving commitment is the commitment to practice justice, liberation, and peace. It is essential to ensure that we always try to be honest and peaceful. We need to keep practicing this to get better at it. Another way of saying that is loving parti-cipation. 'Diversity is the celebration and recognition of differences and similarities between cul-tures. Different people do different things and have mixed feelings. It is essential that we have many kinds of people in our community and that everyone feels safe. Another way of saying that is assorted va-riety. Globalism is our capacity to perceive how we are influenced or privileged within the global black family that exists in different regions of the world. Globalism means thinking of all people around the world and thinking of ways to keep it fair everywhe-re.Intergenerational is a space free of ageism where we can learn from each other. It is important that we have spaces where peo-ple of different ages can meet and learn from each other. Another way of saying that is intergenerational.Uncomplicated black is confirmation that Black Lives Matter and that our love and desire for justice and freedom are precon-ditions for wanting that for others. These principles form the blueprint for healing and do not include or support ignoring or purging the ugliness and discomfort asso-ciated with treating racial and anti-racial issues. There are many different types of people, and one way we are different is the color of our skin. It is essential to en-sure that all people are treated fairly, which is why we and many other people across the country and the world, part of the Black Lives Matter movement.


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