The Merchant of Stories: A Creative Entrepreneur's Journey Dipa Sanatani Author
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The voyage is different for every artist and entrepreneur. What inspires them to leave behind the comforting shore of security for uncertainty and risk? What pushes them to chart uncharted terrains with no reward in sight? Expect the unexpected as Dipa Sanatani takes us on her journey in The Merchant of Stories.No matter how much we plan things-or not plan anything at all-life's plans will always take precedence over our own. When we come into this world, we are not promised fortune, fame, a happy family or really anything at all. All we get is the journey. And in these pages, you will mine. Through a series of musings, letters, poems and notes from her diary, Dipa Sanatani takes readers on a globetrotting adventure that celebrates creative entrepreneurship as a spiritual journey. The book has everything-from the journey of her ancestors to her tales as a traveller; from the struggle of a writer to the rise of an artist; from the ecosystem of an employee to the emergence of an entrepreneur-everything. There is pain, struggle, strength and victory.Evoking both personal experiences and universal themes, The Merchant of Stories shows us that no misstep is ever a mistake. Even the darkest night or the most mundane moment can awaken the soul-The Little Light-that resides inside each and every single one of us. All we have to do is take that first uncertain step and embrace life as one great adventure.


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