Wally Raccoon's Farmyard Olympics - Athletics Day: bedtime books for kids Leela Hope Author
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In Wally Raccoon’s Barnyard Olympics Athletics Day, Wally Raccoon’s persistence is his virtue.Many young children, or “little creatures” like Wally, might listen to someone like Big Uncle Moe, the horse, when they’re told that they can’t do something. Uncle Moe is right. Running hurdles with the big horses is a lofty goal for Wally. Rooster Gus is equally discouraging, but Scamp the Squirrel reassures Wally that they only need to ask someone else for help. It is easy to cry and fall victim to your woes, but Wally rallies to the occasion and consults with Beaver Bob, who finds a place for Wally to compete. Share the value of friendship and support with your child when you read Wally Raccoon’s Barnyard Olympics Athletics Day. As you read, pause for a moment to let your child try to guess the next rhyme. This is a great way to start children on the path to becoming readers.


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