The Power of Truth: Why the Media and People in Power Want to Keep Us in Ignorance, Why It Is Important to Be Permanently Connected to God and How to
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Improve your understanding of yourself to live a calmer and better life!Do you really want to get to know yourself? Do you want to understand yourself and the people around you? Do you want to have a better relationship with yourself, the people around you and God? Do you want to understand the current situation in the world?The book The Power of Truth will explain all those issues and even more. The book explains the changes that have been happening on earth for the last 60 years. How todays fastgrowing technology affects the perception of understanding todays world. Why are people in fear of change and the everincreasing and destructive changes on earth. What God has to do with all this, and how to protect ourselves from all the changes that the media bombards us with on a daily basis.In The Power of Truth you will find:✓ How to improve your communication with your loved ones and people;✓ An explanation of how our consciousness develops, who is a beginner and who is a master;✓ How to achieve friendship and a deep connection with God, why we should not be afraid of it and why it is natural;✓ What is the connection between life, the world and God and why everything is inextricably linked;✓ Why the act of kindness and love is immensely important in the life of each individual and in his personal spiritual development; and✓ many explanations of the notions: diet, The Kybalion, numbers, Gayatri Mantra.It is important to know yourself and be constantly connected with God. The better we know ourselves the better we get along and understand other people. If we are connected to God, not only do we understand ourselves and other poeple, but we always know at all times how to react, how to behave, and what to say.The Power of Truth will give you better understanding of yourself and your connection to God! Do not be afraid of change! By understanding yourself and connecting with God, you will gain freedom! Truth liberates, accept it with all your heart!Take benefits of the book today!Please leave your sincere review. Thank you!


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