Re-Assembling Motherhood(s) - by Sascia Bailer (Paperback)
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Book Synopsis Essays, artworks, manifestos and more in celebration of the political powers of the maternal Convening seven interdisciplinary artist mothers and ten children, this volume aims to counter the social invisibility of the maternal experience. Who cares for whom and what are the consequences? How can we rethink time, care and reproduction through the maternal? How can art exist as a site for thinking of the maternal as a participatory practice, to promote new modes of thinking-with? Through personal writing exercises and collective performance scores, these artists align themselves with ancestral figures of feminist discourses and artmaking, in order to establish new vocabularies and narratives around the maternal for future generations. As both a handbook and an archive of feminist artmaking, this publication reassembles maternal experience through essays by Magdalena Kallenberger, Maicyra Leão and Mikala Hyldig Dal, collective writing by the Choir Assembly, autobiographical writings by Hanne Klaas and Aino El Solh, instructional scores, selected artworks and a manifesto for a caring economy.



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