Graphic Design Is (... ) Not Innocent


On the political complicities of graphic design, and how the discipline can be transformed Combining case studies with critical essays, Graphic Design Is (...) Not Innocent asks: who is graphic design for? Who does it exclude, in its seemingly neutral labor? What social and political effects does it bring about? And what is the future of a politically responsible graphic design? The contributors interrogate the discipline's ingrained approaches and implicit values to demonstrate its profound implication in social processes. Contributors include : Karo Akpokiere, Christian Bauer, David Bennewith, Friedrich von Borries, Clémentine Deliss, Li Degeng, Sandra Doeller, FDSC (Feminist Designer Social Club), Daniel Martin Feige, Annette Geiger, Matthias Görlich, Jianping He, Anna Lena von Helldorff, Martin Ludwig Hofmann, Jun Kay, Anoushka Khandwala, Klasse Grafik, Christoph Knoth, Francisco Laranjo, Eva Linhart, Madoka Nishi, Ingo Offermanns, Sophia Prinz, Markus Rautzenberg, Konrad Renner, Conor Rigby (Feminist Internet), Vera Sacchetti, Isabel Seiffert (Offshore), Pierre Smolarski and Markus Weisbeck.


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