Folk Stories From Southern Nigeria West Africa Elphinstone Dayrell Author
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This is one of the best collections of African folklore ever published. The tales, replete with African wisdom stories and animal fables is one of the best.I. The Tortise with a Pretty DaughterII. How a Hunter obtained Money from his Friends the Leopard, Goat, Bush Cat, and Cock, and how he got out of repaying themIII. The Woman with Two SkinsIV. The King's Magic DrumV. Ituen and the King's WifeVI. Of the Pretty Stranger who Killed the KingVII. Why the Bat flies by NightVIII. The Disobedient Daughter who Married a SkullIX. The King who Married the Cock's DaughterX. The Woman, the Ape, and the ChildXI. The Fish and the Leopard's Wife; or, Why the Fish lives in the WaterXII. Why the Bat is Ashamed to be seen in the DaytimeXIII. Why the Worms Live Underneath the GroundXIV. The Elephant and the Tortoise; or, Why the Worms are Blind and why the Elephant has Small EyesXV. Why a Hawk kills ChickensXVI. Why the Sun and the Moon live in the SkyXVII. Why the Flies Bother the CowsXVIII. Why the Cat kills RatsXIX. The Story of the Lightning and the ThunderXX. Why the Bush Cow and the Elephant are bad FriendsXXI. The Cock who caused a Fight between two TownsXXII. The Affair of the Hippopotamus and the Tortoise; or, Why the Hippopotamus lives in the WaterXXIII. Why Dead People are BuriedXXIV. Of the Fat Woman who Melted AwayXXV. Concerning the Leopard, the Squirrel, and the TortoiseXXVI. Why the Moon Waxes and WanesXXVII. The Story of the Leopard, the Tortoise, and the Bush RatXXVIII. The King and the Ju Ju TreeXXIX. How the Tortoise overcame the Elephant and the HippopotamusXXX. Of the Pretty Girl and the Seven Jealous WomenXXXI. How the Cannibals drove the People from Insofan Mountain to the Cross River (Ikom)XXXII. The Lucky FishermanXXXIII. The Orphan Boy and the Magic StoneXXXIV. The Slave Girl who tried to Kill her MistressXXXV. The King and the 'Nsiat BirdXXXVI. Concerning the Fate of Essido and his Evil CompanionsXXXVII. Concerning the Hawk and the OwlXXXVIII. The Story of the Drummer and the AlligatorsXXXIX. The 'Nsasak Bird and the Odudu BirdXL. The Election of the King Bird (the black and-white Fishing Eagle)


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