Lasiuly Moore: (English edition) Chiara Zamariola Author
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Young, beautiful, magnetic, Lasiuly has convinced dozens of managers forced to focus on goals and issues arising from the global crisis. Inspired by Daniel Goleman, a famous American psychologist and writer, who coined the term 'emotional intelligence', Lasiuly is the perfect interpreter of many Goleman’s thoughts, and she cultivates them like flowers in a garden.Of course, her speaking and communication skills help her a lot, but there is something more than her words: something in her eyes, in her attitude, something in that red string bracelet that her friend Virginia had tied on her wrist on September 27…She is hands down one of the most popular manager trainers in Manhattan and she has a mission to accomplish. It is now time to share her story with the rest of the world. Not necessarily through words, or through her notebooks, which, however, will always be a source of inspiration for her, wisdom in her pocket, her book of memories and her personal oxygen. It is now time to take action, and turn her projects into reality. On tiptoes things happen, if you really want it. This is Lasiuly’s truth… 


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