Swot analysis in 4 steps: How to use the SWOT matrix to make a difference in career and business Stefano Calicchio Author
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What is Swot Analysis and how does it work? By whom can it be used and with what results? How can this tool make a difference to a person's career development or the growth of an entire organization?In this guide you will find a simple, clear and comprehensive explanation of how to build a Swot matrix that works. The book takes the reader by the hand and accompanies him/her through four gradual steps, which highlight the key points of the subject:- what a Swot Analysis is and how it works;- what the best preparation and construction strategies are;- how to create an effective matrix;- what are the best practices and common mistakes to avoid in order to achieve successful Swot Analysis.Learning to take advantage of this market analysis strategy can become an accessible activity for anyone, but only if you know how to do it. Stop wasting time behind thousands of pages of theoretical manuals and discover what really matters through simple, stimulating and immediate reading.


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