Clickbank Vendor Success Series: A Step by Step Practical Guide on How to Create & Sell Your First Digital Product on Clickbank A. B. Lawal Author
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About the BookIf you’re eager to learn how to be successful creating and selling your first, or maybe your next, digital product as a vendor on Clickbank I’ve created this guide to help you every step of the way. If you're a business startup, you will find tons of very helpful ideas for selling online and even offline.This guide is made up of three books. Each book is completely simplified to make sure that even if you are a beginner, you will have an in-depth knowledge of everything involved on your way to becoming a successful Clickbank vendor.My specialty is helping business startups create products that really engage people so that you turn visitors into buyers and make a ton of money. In the first book you’re reading right now, I’ll teach you with clear screenshots how to create products around something you're passionate about, and make affiliates sell them for you so that you make huge profits.This book is a series consisting of Books 1,2 and 3. Book 1 begins with what I call “The Product Profit Plan” because it’s a walkthrough of the route you will take to go from knowing nothing to having your own product, launching it, and starting to be able to generate traffic for it.In this book I show you the plan I personally use to go from A to Z of creating my own product without having any previous knowledge or being techie, without even having an idea for treating a product topic.So in this series you’ll learn how everything works step by step. You’ll know what kind of prime you up and get you rolling, getting those kind of momentum to start going and taking action, start creating the building blocks to building your own product and eventually become successful even if you do sell on Clickbank.


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