Actionbook de Designpedia, El - by Juan Gasca Rubio (Paperback)
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About the Book The Designpedia Actionbook follows in the footsteps of the previous two books in the best-selling Designpedia collection: Designpedia, 80 Tools for Creating Ideas and The Designpedia Workbook, Innovation itineraries. This new book deals with how to activate the third lever that closes the cycle and leads us to innovation and the team to its highest level: the art of the good facilitator. A fundamental activity, beyond tools and processes, which focuses on how to dynamize teams and how to make the most of individual and collective potential in work meetings with different people or stakeholders who are part of an innovation project taking into consideration the two most common variables: the complexity of the problem and the limitation of time. A 100percent practical and visual guide in which you will find tools and work dynamics to raise opportunities and develop ideas in an agile way through collective thinking.



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