Something's Happening in the City Paula Merlán Author
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One spring day, Hannah goes for a walk with her dog Pippin. Along the way, the little girl comes across people who act strangely… Could they be under a magical spell?Hannah loves taking her dog, Pippin, for a walk and ambling around the city. Everything is so beautiful in spring! Insects buzz busily through the air, and the sun shines brightly. However, Hannah notices that something is not right; something is going on in the city. Why is her neighbor Carol so distracted and greets her without even looking into her eyes? And those children sitting on that park bench, why don't they talk to each other or play…? Pippin and Hannah, curious, continue walking through the city trying to solve the mystery. They all seem to have something on their hands that takes them away from reality!Determined to show others what they are missing —a very blue sky, the flowers hanging from the trees...—, Hannah carries out a plan. Will she be able to wake them up?Something’s Happening in the City is a contemporary story written by Paula Merlán that invites us to savor the present moment, to pay attention and to enjoy the small details that life offers us. Concha Pasamar's illustrations convey a deep sensitivity, immense delicacy and beauty. We savor the perfume of the flowers, the capacity of observation and the light steps of little Hannah.


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