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+20 Psychedelic Mandala Bonus Looking for something do to while getting high or something fun to do on your next trip? It's time to get lost in this awesome stoner-themed coloring book!Settle down with your kindest buds, a stash of junk food, and plenty of good vibes to enjoy this ultimate marijuana lover's companion to coloring. These coloring pages plumb the depths of human imagination and creativity--not to mention the trippy or otherwise hilarious aspects of life. The Stoner's Coloring Book for Adults was created for elves, fairies, magi, poets, saints, sadhus, gurus, lovers, and otherwise beings. Set aside your worries, breathe deeply, and find your childlike Zen through the joy of coloring.The perfect way to settle down and chillax for the evening so grab some junk food and get lost in this of weed-themed designs.From trippy designs to artistic masterpieces, you can color it all while high as a kite!⭐⭐⭐Why Our Coloring Book Is A Great Pick: ⭐⭐⭐✔️ High Quality and Relaxing Coloring Pages - each design is carefully made to match every taste and level✔️ Single-sided pages - every image has a blank page on its back to avoid the bleed-through issue for the best coloring experience✔️ Great for All Skill Levels and Ages - even if you're a beginner there are no wrong ways to express your creativity✔️ Large 8.5 x 11 inches✔️ Makes a Wonderful Gift Idea for any occasion


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