Mao's Quotations: Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung/The Little Red Book Mao Zedong Author
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Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung is a book of statements from speeches and writings by Mao Zedong (formerly romanized as Mao Tse-tung), the former Chairman of the Communist Party of China, published from 1964 to about 1976 and widely distributed during the Cultural Revolution.The most popular versions were printed in small sizes that could be easily carried and were bound in bright red covers, thus commonly becoming known internationally as the Little Red Book. This edition from Radical Reprints returns Quotations back to its original 4x6 pocketbook size with all 427 quotations in English. The Black Panther Party considered Quotations to be a kind of Bible, it was essential reading. Quotations has a mythical quality to it, most cannot agree if it is the second-most printed book in history or if it barely cracked past a billion. Regardless, Quotations was so popular among Chinese workers because of its accessibility. This edition serves to make this book accessible again in its original pocketbook format.


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