What Matters the Academic Performance among Secondary School Children Sandamali Galdolage Author
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Education is a key predictor of life opportunities, happiness and perceived quality of life. Performance in academic life demands all aspects of wellbeing including, physical, social, emotional, spiritual and psychological conditions. Continuation of the education of a child is mainly based on the academic performance. The level of education at school is measured by several ways and become one of the best measures of the academic performance. Poor academic achievements during the early school stage often carry over to the adolescent, with a higher proportion of school dropouts, behavioral problems and even delinquency among this population. Therefore, it is important to know what effects the students' academic performance. Based on the research evidences, this book presents such reasons which would be a good referral to the students, parents, teachers, management of schools, policy makers to develop strategies to improve the education system in Sri Lanka.


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