AFRICA IN THE BIBLE Sylvanus Mulowayi Wa Kayumba Author
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The African land has always been a hospitable land with tolerant and generous borders, open to all and whose people have a gracious heart. This is not naivety but a sign of access and breach open to others, for we all have red blood running in our veins in spite of race and origin. At home in Africa, in our villages, we do not have a prison because everything is treated under the palaver tree. We don't have a padlock because theft is a very little used word in the dictionary of our ancestors. We welcomed Abram and Sarai unconditionally and without term in this land of provision, Joseph, the twelve tribes of Israel and the Lord Jesus as a child. The Queen of the South and Queen Candace knew the Jewish faith. And water baptism came to Africa from the apostles' threshing floor... Some practices are quite similar between Africans and Jews as we can see throughout this presentation. To read and to have read.


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