The economic cost of informal caregiving for the inpatient in Ethiopia Habtamu Legese Author
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Informal caregivers are peoples who provide unpaid help to a relative or friend because they have an illness or disability that leaves them unable to so something for themselves or because they are getting older or sicker. This kind of help could be with household chores or finances or with personal or medical needs. The person who needs help may live with you in your home, in their own home or in another place such as a nursing home (Gould.D, 2004).On the basis of heterogeneity informal care is defined as a non-market composite commodity consisting of heterogeneous parts produced (paid or unpaid) by one or more members of the social environment of the care recipient as a result of the care demands of the care recipient (Berg et al,2004).Even if many community-based health care programs are based on the use of so-called informal or voluntary care as the major aspect of the program's feasibility, relatively little economic information exists about such care.I think it is the time to care for the caregivers.


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