Pakistan and Iran relations. Convergent and Divergent Zaheer Hussain Soomro Author
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The purpose of this research is to examine Post 9/11 Pakistan-Iran Relations with reference to politico-economic challenges and opportunities (2001-2010). First chapter highlights a clear introduction about my topic. In the starting of my thesis, it is mentioned that how two countries are characterized from the mutual antique, philological, legendary, ethnic sympathies and trade associations. Mutually adjoining domains are not destined organised due to their physical juxtaposition, the subterranean origin of relations are providing from communal principles and their corporate acceptance in the belief of Islam. It is calcified after independence both countries recognition to each other, both countries supporting each other in economic, systematically and governmentally in upright and immoral period. The Soviet Occupation of Afghanistan created draining on the two-pronged relations between two states. The two nations had' mutual goalmouth to encouraging concord and constancy in Afghanistan. The relation became worsened due to sectarian violence from the Taliban against Northern Alliance.


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