12 Reglas Para Vivir - by Jordan Peterson (Paperback)
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About the Book Translation of: 12 rules for life: a antitode to chaos. Book Synopsis What are the essential rules for living that we should all know? Rule #1: stand erect with your shoulders back... like a locust; Rule #8: Tell the truth, or at least do not lie; Rule #11: leave children on skateboards alone; Rule #12: When you find a cat in the street, caress it. Jordan Peterson, the most controversial and influential thinker of our time, according to the Spectator, proposes an exciting journey through the history of ideas and science -from ancient traditions to the latest scientific discoveries- to try to respond an essential question: what basic information do we need to live life to the fullest. With humor, amenity and informative spirit, Peterson travels through countries, times and cultures at the same time that he reflects on concepts such as adventure, discipline and responsibility, all in order to peel human knowledge in twelve deep and practical rules for life that radically break with the commonplaces of political correctness. International bestseller with more than one million copies sold. The most controversial and influential thinker of our time.



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